Over the Top

May 8, 2017
By siguy10 BRONZE, Morrisville, Pennsylvania
siguy10 BRONZE, Morrisville, Pennsylvania
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Morning dawns,
Will Death knock on my door?
Screams of terror,
Heard all throughout,
As the yellow menace creeps in.
“Put on your masks, lads!” I heard the sergeant scream,
Death has gotten his first bounty.

All day and night,
The ground was our home.
And as the morning went to the afternoon,
Our company first experienced,
The German’s savage ways.
We had no way to combat the poison
Except wet towels,
If we could get them in time.

That afternoon,
Artillery barrages were rampant.
People flying everywhere,
And screaming for their mothers.
When it seemed like it came to a halt,
The commanding officer received orders,
“We’re going over the top,
And blast the Huns to the heavens.”

This afternoon,
Is when the French and British forces,
Went over the top
The Germans had mines and barbed wire everywhere,
With the threat of machine gunners,
And inert chlorine gas.

As my company charged to the trenches,
My comrades fell one by one,
Until I was alone.
All guns pointed at me,
I froze in fear.
And soon, all I heard was silence.

On this fateful day,
April 22, 1915,
In the Second Battle of Ypres,
Was when the Germans first used poison gas,
Violating the Hague Convention of 1899,
And causing the slaughter,
Of the Queen Victoria’s Rifles,
Company C.

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece because I think way to many people think war is a game. War is horrible. People scrifice theirselves to protect their country. Yes video games like Battlefield and Call of Duty may be fun, but you have to realize that you will not respawn if something goes wrong.

This poem is about the ficticious Company C of the real life Queen Victoria's Rifles. They fought with the French in the Second Battle of Ypres in WWI. This was the first time the Germans used poison gas on a wide scale in a battle. This violated the Hauge Convention of 1899, and the use of gas in warfare caused high ranking German officers to be charged with crimes against humanity.

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