Things That Make Up the World.

May 8, 2017

Things that make up the world

The Ocean, the trees, Gravity and me.

the ocean, for thinking. thinking about me mostly. Stupid, foolish human nature. 

I fight the urge to fall into but i cannot help myself. I am unqualified. I am human

Thankfully, the ocean is vast.

The trees. They grow. Despite the odds, i have room left for growth.

They bloom sometimes and wither and die in others. 

Growth is a process, take it.

Gravity, things that because of reality drag us down.

The ocean is vast and trees bloom but really, you know we have to have a balence. 


The epitome of growth, vastness, and bad.

all mixed together in a foul scented but delicous masterpeice.

Things are messy, but beautiful, too.

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