The art of music

May 6, 2017

Music is the best of pop culture. It is so big, it can’t be contained to one page. Music is all about setting the right tone to awaken the potential in all of us. Let’s dive into some of the different genres of music. First, there’s the nice’n easy country music that gives everyone a fun feeling. Then, there is pop which really hits home. The heros of rock teach us to roll. There are many  styles of music that create happiness within us all. Some songs are sung of courage, and others of adventures. Music can tell you about the facts of life, or maybe just a story. There are songs sung of freedom. Some are bold, while others are sung just for entertainment. Any song or genre of music is 100% awesome. It’s creative and endless like the pure imagination that comes from inside of us. Oh and one last thing, it’s something exciting! Your own song awaits.

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