Goodbye young girl

May 6, 2017
By AnneshaP BRONZE, Elizabeth, New Jersey
AnneshaP BRONZE, Elizabeth, New Jersey
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Young girl screatches but never cries, she has feared it would be a time where she wanted to say goodbye. Young girl suffers but still yet hasn't cried, she's stuck in a world which she doesn't belong in and still has yet to say goodbye. Goodbye is the word young girl bellows as she cries, one by one as tear drops flow down from out her eyes. Young girl has so much to live for a world filled with joy and pride, but yet those are not the feelings young girl get from deep within side. Her soul depressed and alone, all young girl wants is to be at ease in her home. Young girl gives out on her precious life. With dreams to become a lawyer, a doctor, maybe even a precious wife. Young girl fears she has no purpose in life, and without purpose in fact there is no life. Young girl surrounded by friends and family who believe in her, but the question is does young girl even believe in herself, or is young girl just an average young girl that wants to be removed from this hell. Young girl! Young girl! Please don't cry wipe your eyes and kindly turn and say goodbye. The sorrow in young girls eyes is what saddens others to cry as she walks and adventures on her quest to goodbye.

The author's comments:

What inspired me to write this was to be a voice for young teens that smile on the outside but I'm reality feel alone

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