Given But Not Taken

May 5, 2017

Life came from something
with... only death in it's path.
Not knowing
how far it could go.
Not knowing...
where it could go.
It's amazing,
knowing something so small and insignificant
could change the world,
with just one move.

One move could make something
so small seem so big... and
something big seem
so small and unimportant.

It could change you,
it could change me,
it could...
change the universe.

Sometimes, to change something
we all just need to stop and
think for a moment.
You might be small,
you might be insignificant,
but with one movement,
one thought...
you could change everything.

Something could be everything.
Everything could be anything.
Anything could be you.
You could change... everything.

It just takes a small
amount of courage.
If you don't realize
what you can do
you'll be sitting in the same field;
as you did years ago and
years in the future.

Courage can go so far and
do so many things.
Courage could change the world,
the universe.
It could change you...
it could change me.
Courage could do so many things,
if we would stop and think...

You could be the one
to do anything and everything.
A small amount of life
could change all,
with just some courage.
Just a small amount of courage...

If only I could take my own advice....

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