Coffee Shop Admirers

May 5, 2017
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She, the writer, let her pencil abuse the college ruled paper
and wrote about his eyes.
“Those green eyes that carried a glint of sparkle as they glanced at…me”
Curls that were tough like nails to pull but soft like a flower petal
were drawn onto his blank white canvas.
Tint of red appeared on their cheeks as her brown eyes met his,
the heart racing moment was written. She wrote about the caught glances.
“My heart is beating erratically and I feel as if it is about to explode and fall onto the coffee shop floor”
A deep dent in his cheek appeared from the pearly white smile he gave,
as he drew her small closed mouth smile onto the rough white surface.

The written description wasn’t enough to show the feeling
of the butterflies rumbling in their stomachs.
The ringing of phone alerts wasn’t distracting
one another from the connection between them.
The drawings weren’t even detailed enough to show the beauty
of each specked freckled on her caramel skin.
The words weren’t enough to describe his soft glare
or slight curve of his lips, realistically.
Minimum time of the day was spared between the two in the quiet coffee shop
like the useful essentials in one another hands.
The coffee shop had held the location of the birth of their newfound attraction.
The bottom of the carpet had been in the middle of their eye glance journey.
The daily wakening smell to their noses was the fresh brewed Arabian coffee beans.
While the clacking and clanking of the white six-ounce sized coffee cups was the music of the shop.
The heart that thumps in their chest when both small green and big brown eyes met,
was the music to their ears.
The writer brushed the residue from the eraser onto the floor.
She hid her frustration and began to guide the pencil again.
She bit her bottom lip harshly while letting her left-hand travel
into the front of her hair and to the ends.
She pulled at the ends to untangle the curls.
The artist rubbed the pencil shadings onto the paper.
He stared at it admiring the work of his that he had the capability to draw.
He hid his satisfaction and began to guide the colored pencil onto the canvas.
He bit his bottom lip softly while letting his right-hand travel
into the front of his hair to the ends.
He shook his hair to untamed the neatness.
They captured each other onto different surfaces and in different arts.
They were the muse to one another while they could be the muse to more.
Coffee shop admirers were the inspiration for the next blank surface.

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