Anxiety with a hint of Love

May 5, 2017
By Kaymarie8 BRONZE, Montville, Connecticut
Kaymarie8 BRONZE, Montville, Connecticut
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I think and think … and I sleep and then I think even more,

My mind is never, ever asleep.

I think about the next day, the next year, even 10 years down the road. 

I think about the pimple on my forehead, the laundry I have to do,

How uncool I am at school.

Just everything you casually wouldn't worry about. 

When I am alone.. I think about the loneliness that 

I suffer through everyday, 

the wrenching feeling I get when I cry, 

the need for someone's warm hug.

Hyperventilating, I reach out for you,

Screaming, Gasping for the air that you have stolen from me.

You tell me that I was never good enough for you, 

just kept me around because I had extra oxygen. 

Because I cared when nobody did.

I built you up while tearing myself down, 

I cared more about you than I cared for myself.

You threw me up like poisonous food, 

at first you needed me because I filled you up.

But, after awhile I made you feel sick and you just had to get rid of me.  

You leave me in silence with bruises and scars dripping with blood.

The author's comments:

This is just something that came to me.

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