May 5, 2017
By allyms BRONZE, Burlington, New Jersey
allyms BRONZE, Burlington, New Jersey
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Just as golden songs no longer play on the radio station
Every golden age has its time
Every golden second has a beginning and an end
And every golden day has its sunset.

When the beautiful golden notes played their way through my car’s speakers
My ears were touched by Midas and the gold coursed through my veins.
For the weeks to follow I would be adorned with the gold
Wallow in the gold.
Life was gold.
Who would have thought that one day the golden music would no longer play?
I didn’t.
Gradually the songs diminished and the gold retracted from my body.
The songs that once made me shine now refused to show their face.
And I beg for just a small taste of the gold now that I have been without.
Life without the gold is not black
But the gold enhances all other colors as only gold can.
Never forget that gold is precious and is not to be mistreated or wasted.
Remember the privilege of the gold.
No matter how swiftly the gold comes and goes
The gold was there
And gold will come again.

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