May 5, 2017
By Anonymous

My mind becomes a prison cell.
It damns my heart to eternal hell.
Forcing me back into an empty shell.
It's logical to think that it hurt when I fell,
but I brushed it off and said "oh well".
Everyone knows life is unfair.
Everyone doesn't seem to care.
They tell me not to look or stare,
because these creatures are easy to scare.
And so the sign reads "teenagers beware".
And you slowly start to fall apart.
Hiding from the cliche’ of a broken heart.
Because loving you became a chore,
the rules became easier to ignore.
And You, like them, didn't seem to care anymore.
They promised to love you they promised,
they swore.
You  became too much for them to care for.
At least that’s what they said.
They put these thoughts in your head.
They tell you that you're wrong,
that there's something you misread.
They make you think you need them.
They beg you not to leave them.
Trying to replace your hate with the word “soulmate”.
They provide you with memories you can only tolerate.
You want to leave but you can't help but hesitate.
What if you're giving up on someone great?
Do you really want to throw that away?
Do you really want to stay?
Either way, you might regret it one day.

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