Him, my Other

May 8, 2017
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Love blossomed into a beautiful flower on the rose bush of possibilities
I never thought that the stars would align for him and I
On that day I knew he was the one for me
I knew that we would go together so perfectly
His smile welcomed me into the warm comfort of his heart
His arms provided a home, a safe place for me
His eyes, light green like the quiet trees, gaze at me lovingly
His voice, soothing when I need to be calmed
His laugh is sunshine pouring into my ears
His body, a walking masterpiece that towers over me
His lips, so warm when pressed against mine
His hands, much bigger than mine but still hold tightly
His skin, rough but still gives off heat for my coldest nights
His thumbs, there to wipe away my river of tears
His chest, a refuge for my face, broad and comfortable
His legs, muscular and lengthy, that carry me up the stairs when I’ve fallen asleep
His face, mine to hold and kiss
His hair, a brown wave of soft
His emotions, hidden until I uncover them
He doesn’t see the way that I look at him
The way I look at

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