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May 8, 2017
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I’ll admit it, accounting is not a thrilling subject, but because my accounting teacher is youthful, relatable, and fun, I look forward to accounting. Having Mr. Brester for three of my four years in Multimedia Applications, Accounting, and College Accounting at Arrowhead High School has been a treat.

When I walk into accounting at the start of eighth hour, I can count on Mr. Brester to say, “Hey, Tyler, how are you doing today?” or “What’s new?” He is one of the few teachers who asks how I am, or is interested in what is happening in my life. Even if I pass him in the halls, he acknowledges me. “Hey, Tyler. Have a good weekend,” he says almost every Friday. He makes me feel like he cares about me as a person. This gives me motivation to work because I feel welcomed in his class.

Accounting is sometimes uninteresting, and frustrating, but Mr. Brester makes it fun and easy to learn. He teaches the lessons in a way that sticks with me. It makes the class easier when I am doing my book problems, because he taught it so well. He makes sure every student understands the lesson before he sits at his desk for the period while we work. This shows true dedication to his students.

The workload is heavy in accounting, and especially college accounting. Myself, being a college accounting student it can be stressful. Mr. Brester knows how to relieve stress if we finish our work early. He will treat us by watching a tv show called “The Profit.” He will also occasionally have a “Friday fun day.” On these days we have mini competitions in class relating to the lessons we learned. He understands us as students, so if we get our work done, he rewards us. The little things he does gives students motivation to finish their work.

Tests and quizzes are the death of students, especially in college/AP classes. For most students their grades are ruined because of them, but not in Brester’s class. He will give the quizzes during class, but the next day he gives us another chance. He will let us retake the quiz to earn half of the points we missed on our first quiz. After we take a test, he will let us retake it with a group the day after to earn half of the points back. This helps my grade tremendously because it gives me a second chance to get a good grade, and understand the material better.

Mr. Brester has been one of the teachers I connect best with over the past four years of high school. He is caring towards all of his students. I feel this way by the way he greets me, and asks what my plans are for the weekend. He teaches hands on, and makes sure everyone understands the lesson. He also understanding. He knows the stresses of his students, he will treat us for hard work to relieve the stress on our shoulders. Mr. Brester has always been my favorite teacher. He is my candidate for “Teacher of the Year.”

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