gapped teeth and salty checks

May 8, 2017
By laurennharriss SILVER, Hemet, California
laurennharriss SILVER, Hemet, California
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"you never believed in heaven before her, and now all you understand is how to pray, and all you do is thank God over and over for her presence."

He was worth the brain freeze
From the bite of his mint lips
Worth the starless nights
And the wet salty rivers that painted my cheeks
Worth my nightly conversation with the mirror
Worth my isolation
When he left
He left me with fires in my head
I existed dry and hollow
He was the single cactus in the sahara of my world
I could never truly reach his inside without getting struck by an angry prick
He was the moon in my eternal midnight
That could never be caught
He was all I needed
But he didn't blink before turning around
When I messed up
He found a bouncy blonde before I had captured the courage
To tell people it was just me now
She didn't have a gap in her untouched piano keys
concealed by petal lips
So I hid my gap by smiling less
She was filled out in places that remained toothpicks on my body
She wore brighter colors than i
And her steps were followed by musical notes
So I took the same approach and found another companion
Who’s kiss didn't leave scars
Who dried my salty cheeks and wiped the rain droplets from my frail eyelashes
Who made the person on the other side of the mirror silent
He told me my ears were cute and not large
He didn't mind my obnoxious laugh
And never made me feel bad when I talked a little too loud in a quiet place
He kissed my bloody, cactus pricked fingers
In hopes of healing my open sores
But they never healed, I just chose to wear gloves around him
He played happy songs that only forced me to crease the edges of my mouth
So my tooth gap and stormy eyes can continue to hide
Behind a picture of a happy girl with a toothless smile
The happy songs only reminded me of what I had lost
And the sad songs reminded me of my current situation
This new tall boy should’ve been my cup of tea
But I missed my cracked mug
That now leaked too much to salvage
I can't help but wonder if his bouncy blonde makes him happy
Does he ever crave my voice
Or yearn for my naked smile
On his side of the universe, does he get lonely in a crowded room
Like I do
I want him to hug my toothpick body
And not feel relieved by my absence
If only he could set down his barbie doll of a girl
And ask me to leave my ken
And we’ll enjoy the destruction together

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