The Blink of an Eye

May 8, 2017
By Anonymous

She has green eyes with a hint of gray but depending on the mood one color is more prominent. 

Like a mood ring, the colors stand for different things.

Green is for the days when she feels that everything is falling into order and life is getting better. Green is for when she is told she is beautiful and for once believes it. Green is for the days that she never wants to end that start with birds and close with a warm moonlight.

There are not many days that they are green.

Most the time they are gray.

Gray is when nothing goes to plan. Gray is when she is told that she is not doing something right, or when she is told they did not mean what they said and that she is not trying hard enough. Gray is for the days when her depression or anxiety or both take over her entire body.

Gray is for the days where she tries to be happy but thoughts linger about what she is doing wrong. 

Most gray days are meant to be green but one word can change the color of her powerful eyes.

Most people do not know of her mood ring eyes that can change before she even knows.

Eyes may be the window to the soul but she keeps hers well hidden.

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