Lady Universe

May 8, 2017

She has the stars flashing within her eyes,
entire oceans and seas cascading through her hair,
countries and tiny towns etched upon her skin,
every single boundary punctuated to show their beginning and end.

She has planets inside her brain,
spinning her extensive thoughts like a string of cotton candy.
Each idea is so sweet, so savory,
and yet, he does not enjoy hearing them.

The stars in her eyes blind him,
The oceans in her hair lash him with their rough waves,
The boundaries of the countries on her skin
make him feel as if he was pushed into a corner, with no escape.

The planets twisting her thoughts make him feel small in comparison,
for he is just a man looking up at a woman
with an energy larger than the snowy mountains
carving out her never ending smile.

The author's comments:

I know so many women that I love fall apart based on opinions of people who don't even matter. I wrote this poem to show that if a woman can look within herself and appreciate the beautiful universe etched across her skin, then no one can ever tell her she is anything less than perfect.

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