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May 7, 2017
By Jazmin120801 BRONZE, Valleystream, New York
Jazmin120801 BRONZE, Valleystream, New York
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Im trying to fill it...i pour a little bit of accomplishment in the tank then that diminishes i pour some enthusiasm but that fades away i pour some hope and that disappears as well i keep trying because i know the tank can be full. So many distractions and disappointments get in the way of filling that tank.Im afraid one dat that tank will be become empty.I'll have nothing in it. No feelings, no emotions, no words.To express how i truly feel you have to jump into my mind and really find the words to explain the things i feel half the time. Expression. A word that not a lot of people use because of the difficulty of speaking their mind or fear of saying the wrong thing that could skrew everything up and make people hate you and make them not want to speak to you.All because of an opinion,an idea,a thought that was in your this tank may not be full now but i know one day this tank will reach its capacity for what it is and not what it should be.

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So many things in my life are changing.i wish i could say for the better but it's been spiraling out of control.Im just realizing the disorder in my life and trying to get a hold of it back.

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