Love Astray

May 7, 2017
By 21bmalizia PLATINUM, Dresher, Pennsylvania
21bmalizia PLATINUM, Dresher, Pennsylvania
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All she wanted was for him to hold her like he use to
To feel his hands pressed against hers
Tickling her and making laughs arise from both mouths
She just wants him to write with the words that made her fall in love
Shame he has forgotten the language
Just to talk freely with ease
No pressure or thoughts of others
To dance like at the first party, a slow song,
and only her head was on his shoulder
Just two people deeply in love
Protected by the other’s body
If only he looked at her with the same eyes
The eyes of dedication and determination
Since this was the girl who had been unpredictable
The one who didn’t swoon when he talked to her
She was different, resistant to his feelings
But over time, she found that she needed his body, his gaze, and his words
But by then it was far too late
She had denied his lips to touch hers,
Not fulfilling his desire in time
And he became lost and strayed from her grasp
No matter how many times he had gone astray, she forgave him
Hoping that he would return from this troublesome place
And though she yearned for the day to come
It never did
Leaving her to wonder
When his hands would once again be around her hips
When his fingers would press her hair behind delicate ears
When he would then whisper in her ear
The words of love and hope of the future
Of the family they would have
When he would remember that he told her they would be the ones’ to make it all the way
Tis such a horrid shame that his lips we on another’s neck

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