The Pain of Life

May 7, 2017

Time after time I am struck
Smacked until I am covered
Drenched in my own blood
Dripping in my sins
inhaling the taste of rust
Red has become my skin
Horrific words of malice
Chanting the same repetitive chorus
Echoing in my skull
rattling off in every direction
The insanity has yet to begin
Hands of bitterness entwine me
Tangled and causing
the internal enclosement
Sending me into the blackened world
With my hands bound
my eyes blind
I seek to revive my youth
Pain is still in the lead
All  the pearled and delicate  illusions
Strung daintily through my mind
Whispers of my being
My soul being shredded slowly
By the ones that I trusted most
Their betrayal is forever paused
I mend my life back together
Now covered in red and burns
But I now know I could never
Live without the pain my life has caused

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