The Moments Worth Dying For

May 7, 2017
By Triciac5 SILVER, Winter Springs, Florida
Triciac5 SILVER, Winter Springs, Florida
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There are moments in life that I wish I could capture forever; precise smells, certain glances. Many claim that people don't know what they have until it's gone, but I believe in quite the contrary. As I'm glancing over at my best friend with the moon reflecting onto her smile and our hair in the wind while we pour our lungs out to that unexpected song that came on the radio; or as my stomach cringes in pain from the uncontrollable laughter bursting from my chest as I'm surrounded by the ones who know me the most; or when my heart skips a beat and that smile flushes like a wildfire as he holds me in his arms as if he'll never let go, glares into those hazel eyes with a look that could melt the stars and tells me I'm beautiful. And in that split second- that instant in which time seems to be frozen- I think to myself, "You're going to envy this moment for the rest of your life." And that, I do.

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