The Crying Tree

May 7, 2017
By XC_distance_runners_ BRONZE, Albion, Nebraska
XC_distance_runners_ BRONZE, Albion, Nebraska
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In a forest full of happy little trees like me
My leaves shined
The animals liked to burrow in me
Not a day that I wasn’t happy
Oh how not a lone tree am I

In a forest one day
All of my friends seemed to go away
Not a day do I try to cry out but no one ever heres me
Oh what a lonley tree am I

In a forest that's being cut down
I can't help but frown
The animals flee
I begin to tremble at my knees
Oh what a lone tree am I

Apartments getting bigger
Green getting less 
Houses being planed
Less trees being planted
My bark grows old
My leaves don’t shine 
Oh what a lone tree am I

One day while in the midst in my one tree forest
Kind hands roaming around in hiking boots
They don't give me the poorest while they watered me
Over time I begin to see a another tree
Oh Not a lonely tree anymore am I

The author's comments:

This tree is the like the kid that nobody ever talks to.This continues as he goes from elentry to middle school and also till he transitions to high school. He gets sad by this as he gets older until one day a nice girl notices him and makes him not feel so alone anymore. 

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