The Crying Tree

May 7, 2017

In a forest full of happy little trees like me
My leaves shined
The animals liked to burrow in me
Not a day that I wasn’t happy
Oh how not a lone tree am I

In a forest one day
All of my friends seemed to go away
Not a day do I try to cry out but no one ever heres me
Oh what a lonley tree am I

In a forest that's being cut down
I can't help but frown
The animals flee
I begin to tremble at my knees
Oh what a lone tree am I

Apartments getting bigger
Green getting less 
Houses being planed
Less trees being planted
My bark grows old
My leaves don’t shine 
Oh what a lone tree am I

One day while in the midst in my one tree forest
Kind hands roaming around in hiking boots
They don't give me the poorest while they watered me
Over time I begin to see a another tree
Oh Not a lonely tree anymore am I

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