May 6, 2017
By Anonymous

The summer sun is beating down on you.
You are ready for the game to start. On the
Balls of your feet, ready to go. Pacing
Back and forth, anxiously waiting for
The whistle. You hear parents yelling,
“Go team.” The ref says, “Keeper, are
You ready?” You know it’s almost time.
The ref looks to the other team and says,
“Keeper, are you ready?” The other
Keeper nods their head. The ref blows
His whistle. Finally, the sound you have
Been waiting for. Forwards and
Midfielders start to move up.
The defense start pushing up. You
Know that the whole team is wanting to
Score. You know the ball will
Stay on the other side of the
Field. Passing the ball from
Teammate to teammate trying
To find a way to score. Finally,
You see an opening. You call
For the ball. You get the ball
And dribble to the goal. It’s
You and the keeper, no one else.
You prepare yourself and determine if
You should take a shot or pass to
Someone else. You decide to take a
Shot. You say to yourself, “Please
Go in. Please go in.” Everyone
Stops moving, just watching the ball.
It lands in the goal. Everyone
Is cheering, giving you highfives. You
Get this rush of excitement because
You scored a goal.

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