My Enchanted Sunrise

May 1, 2017
By LilyGarcia BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
LilyGarcia BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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Dusk sweeps over the land as an illumination leaks from behind the imposing mountains
A beautiful radiance outlines every crevice on the rocks as a glow emanates from the horizon
A breathtaking image, but it does not last long as the sun hurries to rise and wake the town
Halfway poking out from behind the mountains, it looks as if the sun has cut itself on a rock
It seems to bleed pink, red, blue, and purple, oozing across the city
The mountains look stained with light, giving off an alluring hue only the sun can create

Once risen high, the morning sun makes a full appearance, illuminating miles upon miles of land
The luminosity of the morning sun is tender,
It gently warms my face and compassionately soaks into my skin, leaving my soul blissful
The sky takes on colors as well, reflecting each shade the morning sun decides to give off
Full clouds spread across the sky up above, letting only certain rays of sunlight pass through
All of the colors in the sky fade into each other, resembling an artist’s work

The morning sun slowly transitions into the afternoon sun, for time is ever passing
The beams of light become harsher and the array of colors disappears
The kind caress of the morning sun’s rays are now replaced by the piercing glare of the afternoon sun

The author's comments:

I was inspired by the view of the sun rising over the Sandia Mountains in New Mexico.

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