Bullets hit my soul

May 1, 2017
By Saleahlove SILVER, South Plainfiled, New Jersey
Saleahlove SILVER, South Plainfiled, New Jersey
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My life was once like the sun,
Glowing filled with life,
Yet here we are back at square one,
With the loneliness and the melancholiness,
This loneliness hits me like the demons,
That I only find in my head,
This melancholiness hits me like a bullet,
The bullet that always hits my back,
One day my heart seemed to become so numb,
It became numb by the violence,
So I became very silent about the violence,
If roles were reversed,
Would you let these bullets hit your soul?
The bullets that do not free you in your happiness,
The bullets that caused hatred,
The bullets that caused the silence of  people we“know”,
Not by our opponents,
It is very ironic how our so called friends become silent,
But our opponents speak of everything,
The bullets that hit my soul,
Caused this heart to be numb,
So  this heart became silent because my voice was silent,
That bullet, this bullet, your bullet, is not a toy,
Nothing can stop the force of the bullet,
Once the hatred and loneliness came into this life,
The bullets shot my soul,
Sneaking up on me as if it were a snake,
Leaving me motionless with the bullets in my chest,
Traveling to my soul,
As the last of the silver bullets hit me,
I became shattered pieces of an untold story,
And my words are the unspoken words ripped on a piece of paper that needs to be glued back together.

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