Tell me to Move on Again

May 1, 2017
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Tell me to move on
Because that is all people want.
They want to forget
Thousands of reasons and thousands of things to forget
And some people legitimately do.
Some actually lost track of the all the things they said
Some actually ignore every screaming individual they hurt

But the victims...
Well either they're blamed
Or ignored
Or told to quit reacting
Then they judge themselves for having feelings

Maybe all it took to break them
Is a one sound response
Maybe all they needed was a saviors healing
And maybe, just maybe
They didn't get one.
Maybe all the people they told had only thought of the things they did in the dark
But what if in the dark,
All they did was cry
Or scream
And beg to the gods above for some kind of safe space

But then, what if all they did in the dark
Is wish everyone who ever hurt them were to become a screaching vulnerable mess?
Then maybe the people who gave such a bitter song of neglect...
Maybe they wouldn't want to know

So tell me to move on
Because I'm sure that's all I need to hear.

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