Would You?

May 1, 2017
By SRayn BRONZE, Asheville, North Carolina
SRayn BRONZE, Asheville, North Carolina
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I'm sick and tired of being sick
And tired
I'm angry with my depression
I'm scared of my anxiety
I'm lost in boredom

Controlled in a conditioned world

Drowning in commands from people who think they're better
Really they're more confused than me!

Screaming at shouts

Crying with the blood of hate
The sweat of war

Even if I'm not in a war
You know, the ones with guns? And mass murder?

I'm still in a war with myself and society.
I'm in a war with conservatives
I'm in a war with progressives
Everyone wants to move at a different pace
And then I'm shoved into the middle of it all

Isn't there supposed to be training?
Would you be scared if I told you...
If I said that you don't matter?

In the grand scheme of it all we're so out of place
We're screaming, scared, drowning, depressed
For the things that are going to happen

And is that the way we're supposed to live?
Do we live day to day
Or do we live anxiety attack to anxiety attack

What if I told you today was your last day
Your last day to make everything up

Would you be scared then?
Maybe the better question is...

...would you care then?

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