Never is a Promise

May 1, 2017
By SRayn BRONZE, Asheville, North Carolina
SRayn BRONZE, Asheville, North Carolina
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Lies lies lies lies.
People say they care
Who could care when all they asked for was casualty
Who could care when all they needed was someone for when they're bored

She said hello, my name is sarah.
Sarah said good bye, I'll see you in hell.

He said I love you, and I want you.
James said all u were good for was being my pet.

They said you're welcome here, you're safe here.
My "friends" said you're creepy, kill yourself, we hate you.

It's the promise of a friendship, of a relationship, of a connection
The promise of an intimate conversation, a passionate telling from the heart
That promise...that lie...
That lie that hurts the most.

It's that lie that makes the individual fall in vain, and cry out to the higher powers, yet without knowing if any are listening or if any are there...
It's that lie that breaks a grown man in two

I hear them scream and weep
"I love you, please"

I feel their being, their soul tear
"I'm not a sl*t"

I sense it, feel it...
Their breath turning into sharp knives, as they exhale and the knives turn back around just to stab inside what MIGHT still be left of their souls.
"I can't end it...I can't end me...There's gotta be a purpose..."


All normalities of society.

Casual intimacy,
But then someone becomes attached.

An unbreakable promise of never...
"I'll never leave you"
When truly they left when they first stopped looking into your soul, into your eyes.

They don't care.
They don't love.
They want to see you broken just so you'll come to the only familiar face, familiar being, familiar want.
But familiar wants can quickly become familiar needs.

And they are not a need.

There's something relaxing about a familiar frustration...

But they'll all leave from their lies.

Until you find the one person who hates the lies just as much.

Someone else who has lost many promised loves.
A father.
A lover.

Someone else who can't lie. Who can't break his or her promises.

Never is a promise.

I won't lie. I can't lie

And I guess I'm waiting for someone else to mean what they say too.

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