What are you afraid of?

May 1, 2017
By 21lwil BRONZE, Toledo, Ohio
21lwil BRONZE, Toledo, Ohio
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Everyone is scared of something

Whether it be taking a big test,

Singing or talking in front of a large group of people,


All of these things are inside someone's mind

You can't ever say you aren't afraid of anything

Because everyone

Yes everyone

Has something they are afraid of.

My fear didn't come upon me until I met someone,

Someone who I love

Someone who I care about

Someone who I can talk to

My fear arose after a few months of connecting with this person

I started to think about it more and more

It worried me every time we had a fight

My fear is losing that person

Whether it be us breaking apart or them just leaving

I have learned that fears don't define us

Sure we have fears

But they are meant to be broken and happen at some point

You can't stay away from them

I learned that

People list off all their fears

And say they are afraid of them

But they have come intact with that fear before

You try to stay away from your fears as much as possible

But when you can't get away

You just have to except it

And move on.

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