Love Me or Hate Me.

May 1, 2017
By Viccoo BRONZE, Cerritos, California
Viccoo BRONZE, Cerritos, California
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Love me or hate me, I love me.
Strong face, long waist, I love me for me.
Honey brown eyes, curly hair like fries
from Jack in the Box.

Love me or hate me, my momma loves me.
Am the sprinkle in her eye,
My grandma adores me for me.
She always cooks my favorites like black beans.

Love me or hate me, my Aunt Gloria raised me,
“I know better so I do it”
Love me or hate me, I’ve got a
line of queens who approve of me,
who all equally raised me,
who each sees what I’ve become,
who each sees themselves in me.
All their hopes and dreams I carry,
the strength that no one sees.  
Who taught me to love me whether you
Love me or hate me!

Love me or hate me, I know to love you.
I know that your hate and
disgrace is because you want to love.
But no one has taught you, so I’ll love you.
I’ll love you cuz I know best.

The author's comments:

I hope to inspire others to love themselves for who they are, and remember that someone loves them for who they are, and those people are who really matter in their life. 

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