How to Make it Through Your Childhood

April 30, 2017
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Don't peel your scab like dry paint.

Don't be the late bird to school.
Don't irritate Mom with your sloth-like movements.

Gluing your eyes to the TV screen will not immerse yourself in that world,
neither will it help you in games.
You’ll learn why when the crisp outlines of reality become a blur.

With your hair wet like seaweed will only open the front door for sickness.
Illness is a tidal wave
and wishes for healthiness mauls you every second.

The swim lessons may feel like torture,
but consistent practices help ease the pain.
Let the water embrace your face
as bubbles escape through the cracks of your mouth.
Getting over this will set up plain sailing swims.

You are Scrooge while she is the Grinch at the dinner table.
Mom is the wall separating the cat and the dog.
Fighting like Ronda Rousey with your sister will slowly fade as you grow.

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