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April 30, 2017
By Jvwenke GOLD, Monticello, Illinois
Jvwenke GOLD, Monticello, Illinois
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Tell me who am I,
Am I a distance runner,
A runner with speed and endurance along a grassy valley hill with sweat and power as a race car speeding up without stopping,
Reaching towards that finish line only hundred meters away,
Am I a country boy,
Son of a hard working, proud, earning father,
Oldest of two little brothers with attitude written all over them,
Waking up from the sunrise bright light and hit the hey at sunset in the west,
From feeding Boer goats to watering the Hereford heifer,
Still looking up in the big black dark sky of the night and still see once in awhile the Big Dipper over the big brown barn shining brighter than the North Star,
All on a two acre farm,
Am I lonely,
Depressed and alone with in my fear of many thing I regret,
Eaten me up like bacteria as if it tourcher me every night when I'm asleep in my dark blue bed with the window crack open next to my bed,
Bringing the cold dark icy breeze freezing my once warm soft red heart,
So tell me who am I?
I am the runner with a goal still reaching for it today,
I am the country boy that works for a reward,
I am lonely in the dark shadows of my own fear,
Overall, all three of them is who I really am.

The author's comments:

The piece to me really shows and hope who I really am and what my life is.

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