The Power of Colors

April 30, 2017
By isabellebautista BRONZE, Cheswick, Pennsylvania
isabellebautista BRONZE, Cheswick, Pennsylvania
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Imagine a colorless world,
A nebulous world with no color.
Scientifically questioning if the sun is working.
No blazing sunsets fading into the horizon,
No rainbows after an angry storm,
Poppies the color of scarlet red would be unheard of.
Or when to compare the blueness of the sky to the ocean.
Only empty shapes of nature grow from the earth.
Colors, a perfect vision of nature.

The Bob Ross videos sparkling before my eyes; gone, vanished.
No more happy little clouds painted with titanium white.
The royalty of purple, the tranquility of blue, and the hopefulness of yellow would be completely unheard of.
Colors, a connected vision of symbolism.

Sometimes I wonder:
Would humankind be better off colorblind?
No defining if one is black or white,
Non-existing events of hatred based off the pigment of cells.
Crimes committed not by color but by crime. 
The greasy color of racism would be unheard of,
So let our colors be as they are to nature,
Untouched and admired,
The world we live in is an abstract vision of color.
Color, is just color.

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