April 30, 2017
By Kindness4Life BRONZE, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Kindness4Life BRONZE, Tulsa, Oklahoma
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I am sinking falling out of this world
My life is a mess it twists and swirls
Behind this happy, carefree facade,
Lies someone struggling to make sense of it all.
No one knows because I hide it so well.
But my heart is ripping
“Stop!” I'm dying to yell.
So many questions all locked safe away
Never to be released or see the light of day.
“Do I belong here?” I question myself.
“If I disappear would I be missed?”
What is this myth everyone believes?
Selfish, exclusive that's all I see.
Not the world who could ever love me.
A mask hung over a terrible disgrace.
Not ready to see, not ready to embrace
Why stay carefree when the world is so dark?
This curse where nothing comes from the heart?
Where is this hope that will liberate me?
And not give itself credit for my being set free.
Away from this horror and ever-watching eye
A nagging voice and the unheard cry
Love has crumbled while rage stands tall
Waiting for the day I, to my knees, will fall.
When the end comes, who will pick me up?
Not any woman or man.
Am I left on my own forever to stand?
If no one will help to darkness I retreat
Never to be seen, living out the open, yet always discreet.
Turn back to the dark, with no ounce of hope.
“We'll help you!” They cry.
But I'd rather be alone. 

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