Solitary Confinement

April 29, 2017
By AliceChamberlain BRONZE, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
AliceChamberlain BRONZE, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
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Your scent intruded my lungs as you let yourself through my front door

For the first time, this place finally felt like home

The door closing behind you, you wrapped me in your arms and kissed me at the bottom of the staircase

Your princess is a title that is long gone by now

You still swept me off my feet, carried me up the stairwell

Hollywood would kill to have our story

But it's not our story

You kissed me over and over, like a rabid dog hungry for its last meal

You told me to stop poking at bruises or else they might never heal

You apologized that you hadn't been the best

But you are the best

You are the best friend I never could have dreamed of

It's healthy for people to fight

We all have our ups and downs

And it's hard to forget the ups

Don't you miss the ups?

The happy times, do you remember them?

My best days are all with you, because you are the best

Without you, there are no days

You left through the back, brushing me off your shoulders

The dust settled around me

You were gone so fast, like you didn't want to be caught in my dandelion wishes anymore

This is not our story because a story is meant to be told

And all I want to do is wrap this up in bubble wrap to save in the attic for a rainy day

Someday, when my daughter is crying over her firstĀ heartbreak, I will tell her how she will get through this just like I did

But I won't tell her that I still cry over you at two in the morning when I can't sleep

Or show her the pictures of you I keep on a high shelg in the basement in case of a flood

This is not our story because life is not a fairytale

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