April 29, 2017
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School is like a burning inferno filled with the screams of lost souls.
School is like a hole that gets harder and harder to leave the more you stay.
School is like a pile of papers due tomorrow that just seems to get larger.
School is like boredom beyond compare.
School is like dying over and over again, only to resurrect in the same hell.
School is like looking forward to the end of the day, only to realize you have stacks of work to do because your teachers insist on having their papers due on the same day and you have to stay up till four in the morning, two hours before you are supposed to wake up, just to finish the damn things because you decided that you would do it tomorrow, until you realized tomorrow would be too late.
School is like coming back into the school the next day and hearing the words “The paper will be extended to next week” from your teacher as you imagine strangling them but realize you probably would die just trying to walk over to them because you only got 30 minutes of sleep.
School is like feeling you might die from tiredness but knowing you have even more periods to get through because the government thought it would be okay to cram all this learning in six hours and 30 minutes or some ridiculous time like that.

School is not like these things, school is all of this. These things are the life of every student struggling to get through each day.

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