The Expense of Life

April 28, 2017
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Dedicated to: My amazing Mom

Life. It fills us with joy and sorrow
But when we're free, we wonder,
"Why me?",
Like thunder, It strikes,
Or rather they strike....
Then whatever we once liked,
It turns on us, oh how bright,
That big, huge, happy light,
And so we retreat back into the cold, cold night.
So we walk into the darkness,
A world of the unknown,
Our demons are untamed
Yet, not at all are we shamed

You have constant:
Struggles, Questions, Decisions, Temptations,
Thrown at your mind,
The rotten ones...
The tough ones...
The rough ones...
The deadly ones..

But you get rewarded for your good deeds,
With divine, exquisite love,
Happy you are,
You are enlightened as you float above
The Lord, he treats you like a Father,
But He is not human, oh, no,
He carries the sword of judgement
As he has made many covenants

But then one day,
You lose your senses,
It all comes to an end,
Now, it is time to pay your expenses.
But then, you open your mind...

Endless columns of light engulfs your unworthy eyes,
Thousands of angels sing upon the silver skies,
And not long after you are truly aware,
You are standing in the mighty kingdom of Heaven,
Alive and joyful without a single care.
And even as you stare at the glory beneath you, you start to cry,
As you realize who you have lost when you died.
"Take me back..."
"Why am I here?"
Tears, love, is all you hear,
You look back on life,
Seeing the good, seeing the bad,
But what does that matter?
My, lord,
It's love that you had.

"It is better than to lost a love than to never have loved at all."
- Alfred Lord Tennyson

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