April 28, 2017

I thought

once upon a time

that she and I 

had a love that'd never die

parts were moving

with no reason or rhyme

she tore my heart

in a jagged line


It broke me.


a small lie uncovered

a secret discovered

war without end, for both are stubborn

lying still as vultures hovered

never meant to be a big deal

but still I cracked the family seal

shocking candor: true colors reveal

words cutting deep as if made of steel


It broke me.


I never left

but still I was lost

lying on a bed of nails

mirages made it look soft

living without knowing

the opportunity cost

the safety was on

but still I got shot


It broke me.


I could never make 1st

but no one remembers 2nd place

running fast as I could

but always losing the race

everyone averts their eyes

in this "un-united states"

from the one who stumbles

and can't keep the pace


It broke me.


But then I realized

I could be a mosaic

broken pieces coming together

forming beauty from the chaos

so I lift my chin

and refuse to be forsaken

before you judge, take a step back

to see the wonder I've created


I refuse to let life break me.

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