Saying Those Words

April 28, 2017
By MaddyMadMad BRONZE, Hyannis, Nebraska
MaddyMadMad BRONZE, Hyannis, Nebraska
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Staring into those eyes

It makes me shiver from head to toe
I shook off that feeling,
Gathered confidence
This was it… I can do this
The big breath
One syllable… I can do this
I started trying to make a sound
It came out hoarse and shaky
I made it past the first word with uncertainty
He was staring at me with those piercing eyes
I bite my lip and my breath is shaking
The second word… also one syllable
Tongue to teeth.. Lips parted
I make it past the word
Ending with my teeth sinking into my bottom lip
This is it
I continue to quiver with dysphoria
I part my lips yet once again
They feel heavy
I say it
I hear my heart beating quickly
He looks up
Eyes filled with an eumoirous feeling
He lifted me up and said those words that calmed my entire body
I love you too

The author's comments:

I was hoping to get an emoitonal response from the readers. The ability to say that you love someone is.. a rush. The feeling of vulnerability, nervousness, being that close to someone, it's what I decided to write about. I hope the readers enjoy!

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