13 Reasons Why Tyler Down POV

April 28, 2017
By BWilson BRONZE, Sesame Street, Kentucky
BWilson BRONZE, Sesame Street, Kentucky
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I love that sound
I love that sound!
Yes mother, no mother
No father, yes father
Polite and reserved am I
But I have another side that I hide
I’m the one you see around the hall
You trip me up and, then I fall
I say I take pictures for the yearbook
When I actually have a list… don’t look
A list in which I will not say
Not even on my very last day
Click Click goes the flash
Bryce Bryce I deal your stash
I hang my pictures up in the sky
You probably think I’m a pretty good guy
You all are wrong
I’m at your door ding dong
A story to tell
Every night I yell
The pictures I see
Hurry up and flee
Who knew this could be true
I will find you
I crawl down the fire escape
Alex… welcome to your tape…

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