Love will Prosper

April 28, 2017
By MyMind007 BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
MyMind007 BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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Love is like a flower
Most people care for this
precious delicate flower
The rest let it die without
ever caring for it
Love can be blinding
Love is the sneaky blindfold over
your eyes and heart
You never know when they’ll
let you fall
You hit things and bumps along
the way
We’d rather take damage then
let love prevail
We rather hurt then love or let
someone love us
Love is a ticking time bomb
in our hearts
It could go off anywhere in any
place at any time
We carefully try to walk past so we
aren’t caught in the crossfire
We fall victim and fail dramatically
All the precautionary measure taken
to avoid love no longer exist
We fall victim to its hold allowing it to
over come your heart mind and soul
You start to feel the tightness in your chest the
butterflies in your stomach
Scared of being rejected you hide
You cant think of what to say because love
has you all choked up
You become a puppet to your heart
You act out of love
You fail to realize it the end but you let love in
You embraced its warmth
Now all you do carries passion
Love prospers in the end
Its all some people have to offer

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