Everything's Okay

April 28, 2017
By Anonymous

When you wake up, do you ever feel so droopy that you don’t want to move?
Ever want to just stay in bed and not do anything, but you know you have to get up so you do.
When you go to school with that look on your face that you don’t want to be bothered
People ask you “What’s wrong?” “Are you okay?” and you simply say “Nothing, I’m okay”
When you know everything's not okay and you want to break down.
But you stay strong
You move on
You keep that smile on your face when people tell you to..
And then something really bad happens
You can’t smile no more
You can’t take no more
And you want to leave…
Not leave for a while..
Leave for good.
So you do so
And that’s when people act like they cared so bad about you when all they did was laugh around you.
And when you tried to tell them what is going on in your life and they push you away
You ask yourself, Do they want me here?
You say no
Then leave.
Remember what you told everyone?
“Everything is ok”
But now….
You’re gone.

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