Unspoken Words

April 28, 2017
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Crying is my weakness,
My tears are the rivers of pain,
Screaming is my madness,
My voice is the pain of broken love,
Sadness is my depression,
My sadness is being locked away in the closet,
Pretending is me faking,
Faking because nobody needs to see the pain behind this broken smile,
This anger is like satan carrying himself over me,
Anger from rage nobody wants to see,
I wish my tears had words,
So it could tell you that I am afraid,
I wish my voice were more stronger,
So more people could listen to me,
I wish my sadness was silent,
So people could not see that I am depressed,
I wish me pretending could end,
Because I hide away with a fake smile to cover up a crooked smile,
I wish my anger was not outrages or fueled on rage,
Because then I can love you without being so mad all the time,
And I wish I could tell you the truth,
And my feelings,
But yet once again you just will not listen to me,
So my words and voice,
Are forever unspoken words,
That never had the chance to speak.

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