You took her

April 28, 2017

She was 44 and you took her.
She was a mom and you took her.
She had a 3 year old and you took her.

She followed you, she confessed her sins to you she prayed to you, she worshipped you, and you took her.

You left a grieving husband to explain to a toddler why mommy isn't here anymore and nobody asked you to confess your sins or beg for forgiveness.

You left two parents to bury their little girl, you made family and friends say goodbye to somebody they loved, you made "goodbye" come too early for one amazing person.

They say it was an "accident" but they also say you control everything. There are no accidents. she didn't deserve to die.

I still remember her lifeless body lying in the hospital bed. She was hooked up to machines to keep her body alive even though she was braindead. Nobody should have to live like that.

You took her, 7 billion people in this world and you took her, 300 million people in this country and you took her. You could have taken anybody, but you took her.

The author's comments:

In loving memory 

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