Things to Say to the Person You Love 2

April 27, 2017
By rando667799 SILVER, Houston, Texas
rando667799 SILVER, Houston, Texas
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• When we are together I feel a magnetic force between us
• We are connected like an entwined rope- completely impossible to tear apart
• You make me want to start believing in God again
• You occupy my mind every second of the day
• The thought of you shakes me with happiness
• I think about you in church when I’m bored
• My throat clenches at the thought of losing you
• And my eyes tear up when I think of you not being in my life
• I want to share my absolute best memories with you
• Your touch is burned into my mind
• And I remember that touch over anything else
• You are my absolute best friend in the entire world
• I love you so very much
• I love you so so much

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