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April 27, 2017

You. you with your words that wrap me like a hug.
You. you with your lies that stab me in the back.
You. you with your eyes that i get lost staring into.
You. you that i gave my heart to, but you'll never give it back.
You. you're not letting me move on.
You. you have power over me though i try to deny it.
You. you are the only one who makes me feel this way.
You. you cannot guide me through the darkness because you are the darkness.
You. you are the only one who can make me jealous.
You. you are not who you were.
You. you are not who i thought you to be.
You. you make me angry and sad and overjoyed.
You. you make me cry for days and
You. you can be forgiven with a single kiss.
You. you won't let me walk away.
You. you are being selfish.
You. you won't let anyone else have me.
You. you won't give me away.
You. you make me mad and ask me why and
You. you make me forget the reason.
You. you make me feel comfortable.
You. you make me feel loved.
You. you make me feel like a broken record but
You. you won't stop playing me.
You. you with eyes that see into my soul.
You. you with your lips that i long to kiss.
You. you with all your stupid excuses.
You. you who i've written too many poems about.
You. you who i've wasted too many tears on.
You. you haunt my nightmares with your so-called “love” which you claim to share with me but
You. you will never give your love as freely as i do and
You. you will never love me the way i love you.
You. you always pull me back and i can't escape.
You. you aren't a choice.
You. you're the only choice.
You. you are all these things and
You. you were in love with me but
You. you're not anymore but
You. you still love me, at least you say you do but
You. you i am not sure if you are capable of loving anyone but

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