Thought and Feelings

April 27, 2017
By kyliewalsh89 BRONZE, Lincoln, Rhode Island
kyliewalsh89 BRONZE, Lincoln, Rhode Island
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Feelings are like little snow storms that come,
out of nowhere. Sometimes having the
Feeling like there is no way out, yeah
I’ve had that feeling more than once.

Have you ever had thoughts bombarding
you almost like coming out of nowhere.
Have you ever thought of the worst? Yeah
I’ve done that too. Sometimes it feels like your
Thoughts could drown you. Yeah I’ve thought that too.


It’s sad what some people think , some have very
dark thoughts while others have happy and joyful thoughts.
Some people have bad feeling while others have happy
Feelings not everyone cares about what you think or feel and
Honestly that's really sad. Did you ever think that
You actually could do something but those feeling and thoughts
Said “you can’t”. Yeah I’ve had that too.

So what thoughts and feelings do you have good or bad?
Thats a question only you can answer.

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