Nails, Fails, And No, I'm Won't Bail You Out of Jail!

May 4, 2017

Things hardly work

In my favor,

It's always another

"he said, she said"

Of excuses.

So go ahead,

Throw your problems onto me,

I'll listen.

I always do,

Even though it pains me every time

To do so.


Sure... I can be your dumpster?

Piling your trash onto me so high,

That I am swimming in your

Issues, as well as mine 

As well.

But hell, 

"That girl is tough as nails!"

And sure enough I am.

But honey,

Nails do rust.


Our love was a fail,

I thought about your feelings 

Before my own.

I looked after you,

I held your hair back when you

Vomited all over the bathroom floor.

I kissed you when you hit me,

I took it all in as you screamed at me.

I uttered not a single word.

I made you food when you were hungry.

And that's not good enough!

Or rather, 

I'm not good enough?



My complexion has grown wrinkles

And my conscience is guilty

My eyelids are heavy

And I am plain weary

I was the reason that you never loved me.

It was all me, me, me.



At least that is what you said to me.

You cheated on me more times

That I'd like to count, 

and you lied to me at least every week.

But I always caught you red handed.

I am smarter than you are.

And you resented that, 

But that is what I loved.


Over time I grew apart from you.

I realized that it wasn't me.

I saw the ugliness in you,

No matter how handsome you were,

You became the ugliest man in my life.

I was repulsed by your attitude,

Your flaky kindness and sympathy.


And your sugar had rotted each and every

One of my teeth until they had all

Fallen out of my mouth.

You were a artificial bioharzardous sweetener,

That was laced with formaldehyde and arsenic,

And even breathing the same breath as you

Was completely cancerous.


And when you went to jail

And asked for a bail,

I had left.

Simple as that,

And when you wanted me back,

It was my time to laugh and tell you

Your apology isn't good enough,

Or rather,

You're not good enough.

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