A War On Home Soil

May 4, 2017

Patriotism is in all with the red, white and blue
On our own soil, many have fallen, more than a few
In a time where we fought our flesh and blood
Raiding towns and stomping through the mud
Men of relation meeting on the battlefield
Returning to their tents, often missing a meal

Men returning from war to their loved ones awaiting them at home
Sharing stories that leave a dark and heavy tone
Some of them return with a missing arm or leg
Dreams of field visiting at night, to stop they beg
Many of the men don’t come
So families grieve for their loved ones

It took many years to rebuild the bond
Quite a few to once again be fond
Many towns were in need of rebuild
A deep cleansing on all fields

In the days of now, people replay what happened long ago
While some people just happen to think it’s just for show
Many stories are told in class of a war
That chills some to their core

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