The Mystery of Love

May 4, 2017

Love is a mystery of the world, numerous theories behind its depiction.
The unexplainable that one experiences in his or her lifetime, one of the fascinating events of life and the beginning of something new.
An action that one cannot prevent, developed with some other entity that could potentially last forever.
An intense feeling that could make an individual do abnormal actions without control, the seemingly unbreakable bond this feeling creates.
Used every day, can be with any object that a person demonstrates deep affection toward.
The appreciation of a beautiful scenery, perfect item of clothing, skillful hobby or sport.
On the other hand most people would agree, the concept of love he or she shares with another person.
Two people develop a strong connection with one another, beginning to attract the two together in a romantic way.
The inability to stop thinking about each other, yet strive to spend more time doing enjoyable activities together.
Make it official and label relationship as dating, expressed through kissing, holding hands, other doings to depict the strong love both feel for one another.
Once this far usually tends to block out reason in one’s mind, making the person do actions without logic that can be positive or negative.
For example the buying of flowers or valuable items, yet also making one go out of his or her way to visit or stand up for the other despite the possibility of getting in trouble.
As love continues for a long time a special bond in marriage is usually initiated, a seal to the affection two individuals possess between each other.
Lastly can be made through the process of starting a family, another love one feels for his or her child that must be cared for and protected.
Furthermore can keep its participators together, for as long as they live.
An intense feeling one shares that is out of his or her control, forcing a long-lasting, deep affection upon oneself for the bond of another entity.
Can be expressed in countless ways, any being one develops a connection for and cannot live without in his or her life.
All in all, no one can truly explain the mystery and feeling of love, yet appreciates the opportunities the mystery can offer.

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