Adulting to College

May 4, 2017
By Carter_Holmes SILVER, Cascade, Iowa
Carter_Holmes SILVER, Cascade, Iowa
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The long-awaited time has finally come,
the dreadful point of life for some,
to pursue my future with constant fear,
like in a rundown vehicle unable to steer.

From tiny high school to grand college,
I will need all my earned knowledge,
to someway live on my very own
in the vast unknown.

Leaving my loving family and best friends behind,
for a specific major I must find,
I am all newly grown up now,
but sometimes I feel I do not even know how.

I have been diligently working up to this,
all the time-consuming homework and endless stress I sure will not miss,
the fun memories that will forever last,
the shadow of tremendous responsibility I now must carefully cast.

I think now I am finally ready,
I just have to keep very steady.
Cherish your time while you still can,
before I even knew it I became a man.

The author's comments:

My senior year coming to a close and graduation coming soon have inpsired me to write this piece, and I hope people will understand this poem by cherishing every moment in high school while it lasts.

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