My Only Regret

May 4, 2017
By BananaBear_01 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
BananaBear_01 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Why did you leave that way?
Why couldn't you stay longer?
I wanted you to know
Just how much I love you

But when found out
It was already too late,
You were leaving the world
And I couldn't say goodbye

I only wish to relive the day
To tell you I love you
And to hug you one more time
But all that's left are memories

I hope you see how happy I am
Hiding the pain as much as I can
I can never stop thinking about you
Every night I cry from the pain

I don't show my feelings often
Everyone thinks I'm okay
But can't you see what I try to hide?
Can't you see the pain in my eyes?

Don't you see me hurting?
Why did you leave so soon?
Tell me... why?

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