An Epiphany

May 4, 2017
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“He was my whole world…”
“Well that was your first mistake.”

The change from warm weather to a cold shoulder was as quick as a light switch. The instantaneous amount of indifference from complete bliss was almost painful, ripping my body apart from previously sewn stiches.

“You chose him over me…”
“I choose both of you.”

That was never an option.

“I thought we would stay friends forever…”
“I guess that was your second mistake.”

I wish that I could forgive you. I wish that I could erase all the memories of a previous time so that I could be content. I’m not sure why I continue holding onto the recollections of a forlorn life, but I can’t seem to let them slip away. Every time I see you, all I can think of is…

“You’ve really hurt me this time…”
“It wasn’t my aim to do so.”

Well you missed.

“I’m sorry…”
“I’m sorry, that you’ve lost me”

An enlightenment.

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